Artistic Tabletop Fountains

(WTA-001D Artistic Tabletop Fountains)


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Artistic Tabletop Fountain
Artistic Tabletop Fountain
Artistic Tabletop Fountain with LED Warm Light
Artistic Tabletop Fountain with Imprint Slate Finishing on Textured Glass
Artistic Tabletop Fountain Front View
Tabletop Fountain Dimension

Our desktop waterfall sculpture fountain helps sooth the soul by drowning out stressful peripheral noise. There is nothing more relaxing than the sound of a waterfall. The trickling sound of water evokes the imagery of a lush tropical rainforest. It reminds us of a favorite weekend getaway where cell phones, traffic-jams and board meetings don't exist. For a brief moment everyday anxiety disappears into the tranquil bliss of the falling water on our desk. The pump keeps a constant water flow. The Waterfall Sculpture Fountain can be a pleasant, relaxing diversion for the home or office.


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Tabletop Fountain Dimension

Tabletop Fountain Back View


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Feng Shui Tip
Water is considered a vital aspect of Feng Shui. Practices often include adding running water in the home or office as a method of creating a beneficial flow of energy and creativity. The sound of running water is also believed to ease stress and promote a serene atmosphere. 

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