Grateful House Rules Home Decorative Wall Sticker Made in Malaysia

(DWS-121 Grateful House Rule Wall Sticker )


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Grateful House Rules Home Decorative Wall Sticker
Grateful House Rules Home Decorative Wall Sticker
Grateful House Rules Home Decorative Wall Sticker Front View
Grateful House Rules Home Decorative Wall Sticker Detail

Grateful House Rules Home Decorative Wall Sticker 

AHS Fixtures Decal Art DIY Home Decor mural paper Vinyl
Removable Waterproof Non-toxic, environmental protection

Brand new ,Fashion Design and High Quality.

Sticker Layout Size: 100cm x 180cm

Quick and easy to apply. Can be applied on all smooth surfaces.
High quality,waterproof durable vinyl,which can last for years without peeling or fading
Without much effort and cost you can decorate and style your home.
Just Peel and Stick,there wall decals to most any smooth surface!
Applying decals on a bumpy surface will be a bit more difficult.
No paint, No tools, No sticky paste necessary. Just Peel and Stick. 

Default colour are black.

Truer sentiments have rarely been spoken-this decorative wall sticker would be a great daily reminder in have in your home or business.


For different size please email us via info@ahsfixtures for more information


Colour choice

Vinyl Sticker Color Chart

Installation Instructions

How to fix wall sticker


Inspect your installation surface and correct any unsightly blemishes. The recommended wall texture for successful decal application and adhesion is SMOOTH properly primed, painted and cured drywall that has little or no surface variation. Glass, smooth metal, plastic, laminate, porcelain and other non-porous substrates are also acceptable. 

Newly painted surfaces should dry for at least 2 weeks prior to installation. If paint is not completely dry, AHS stickers may not adhere properly, or may lift paint off the wall when you decide to remove it. 

AHS stickers  will NOT adhere to textured surfaces such as rough drywall, stucco, plaster or faux finishes. They will NOT adhere to oil-based paints, wet surfaces or fibrous materials such as fabric or canvas. Direct sunlight or moisture may loosen the adhesive over time and compromise the product. 

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