Artistic Pine Wood Easel Stand Poster Stand Decoration Menu Painting Display

(FWE-001 Pine Wood Easel Display Stand)


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Artistic Pine Wood Easel
Artistic Pine Wood Easel
Artistic Pine Wood Easel Decoration Menu Painting Display
Artistic Pine Wood Easel Size & Dimension
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Artistic Pine Wood Easel Decoration Menu Painting Display

Easel normally refers to a stand or frame supporting or displaying at an angle an artist’s canvas or a blackboard etc. This is the most helpful tool for an artist which helps him in keeping the painting in place when he’s working on it. You can hang the sheet on easel and work on it comfortably avoiding the risk of spilling paint on the work and also avoiding accumulation of dust.

Painting easels specially designed for kids are also available these days. Small kids who love to experiment with colors and sketches will love these convenient easels designed specifically keeping them in mind. It provides a very good platform for the kids to unwind their creativity. These types of easels are smaller in size so that small kids also can work on them comfortably.

Painting easels are usually available in sets. In a single set of easel, there may be oil paint, brushes, palette, canvas board, palette knife and all other accessories needed for painting. The range of products present may vary accordingly.

1. New and high quality
2. Easy to assemble the easel
3. It is suitable for table top drawing, sketching or painting
4. It is also great standing on the floor for displays, sketching or painting on larger canvases
5. Great for artists and students who enjoy drawing and painting outdoors and in the studio
6. It is special designed for easy traveling
7. Light weight, it is easy to use and carry

1. Material: Pine Wood
2. Color: Pine Wood
3. Height: 1.33m
4. Max Canvas Height: 1050 mm
5. Weight: 2 kg

Package Includes:
1 x Easy DIY Artist Wood Folding Assembly Easel 
1 x Phillips Screwdriver
1 x Installation Accessories







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