Wall Mounted Slim Panoramic Wall Aquarium / Acrylic Framed Fish Tank

(Wall Mounted Slim Panoramic Wall Aquarium / Acrylic Framed Fish Tank)


RM 1,680.00

Slim Panoramic Wall Aquarium
Slim Panoramic Wall Aquarium
Panoramic Slim Wall Aquarium

Wall Mounted Slim Panoramic Wall Aquarium/ Acrylic Framed Fish Tank

Size: 118cm W x 58cm H x 12cm D

The wall-mounted aquarium creates living art on the walls of your home, office, or business setting - a wonderful conversation piece. Aquariums have been medically proven to decrease stress and lower blood pressure. These models come with their own easy-to-install mounting brackets and lighting. 

Product Details
  • All pumps, and filters are hidden in the frame - makes the aquarium elegant and sleek.
  • Steel wall mounting brackets are concealed within in the frame.
  • Significantly below the costs of traditional aquariums with minimal work.
  • Very quiet; pumps are barely audible.
  • Aqua Bella uses premium ¼ inch glass; with acrylic framed.
  • Complete one piece frame encases the glass.
  • Easy to install.
  • Advance pump built in with activated charcoal filtration system.
  • Our proprietary enzyme is added in once per year to salt or fresh water.
  • The aquarium is ready to add fish in 4 hours after initial power up.

Included in Package
  • 2 advanced pumps with 4 charcoal filters and 2 biological filters
  • Light case and light bulbs
  • Versatile thermometer
  • Floating magnetic brush
  • Underwater plant scissors and pincher
  • Fish net
  • Fish food
  • 2 Heavy duty steel mounting brackets for wall mounting.
  • Fish tank brush
  • Tank heater
  • Liquid plant enzyme to promote healthy plants
  • 3 month warranty on the pumps

Easy To Fix

To install your Wall Aquarium, there are 4 simple steps.

1. Install the brackets on the wall. The screws, wall plugs and concrete bolts are all supplied free with your tank. 

2. You then sit the tank on the bracket.

3. The grey clips are used to join the top of the glass to the top of the metal bracket.

4. You then use the small screws (provided free with your tank) to screw the bracket to the base of the tank. The base has a wooden board running along it, so the screws will attach where ever the brackets line up.

Easy To Maintain

To keep your  Aquarium clean, there are three simple stages:

1. Water Filtration: Your supplied water filter will keep the water clear. However you must keep the filter clean. Rinse the filter every 3 weeks or whenever the pump flow begins to drop. 

2. Water Replacement: Use the supplied Siphon to drain out 25%-30% of the water in the tank every 3 weeks and replace it with aged water. You don’t need remove the fish from the tank at all. 

3. Glass Cleaning: If you notice the glass becoming dirty, wipe it gently with the provided scrapper. Above are general guidelines, please ask your fish shop for details about your particular type of fish.

2.0M Size: 198cm W x 58cm H x 12cm  D  Price: RM 4800

1.8M Size: 178cm W x 58cm H x 12cm  D  Price: RM 3980

1.2M Size: 118cm W x 58cm H x 12cm  D  Price: RM 2480

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